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Pension Expert Says NIS Contributions Should ...
Consultant actuary Constance Hall, an expert in the field of pensions, is advocating major changes to the current nation...Read More

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Are you saving in a Group Pension Plan?

Pension Plans are the most tax efficient means for individuals to save for retirement.

Pensions provide:

  • income at old age when no longer in full time employment
  • income if permanently disabled/unable to work
  • beneficiaries with some income in the event of death for a period of time

Benefits of a pension plan

  • Contributions are made tax free
  • Investment gains are tax free
  • Allows consistent (forced!) savings
  • Contributions will increase based on salary increases
  • Pension increases possible where the Plan can afford
  • Professional investment management
  • Contribution of Employer
If you are self- employed or employed to a Company that does not offer a Pension Plan, get more information on the Prime IRA

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